Huwebes, Agosto 15, 2013

Eternal Life Kag. Nog-Nog

Hello Philippines and Hello World!

I am listening to love and sad songs while I'm writing this post and apparently I can't help but remember a good friend and a great and honest public servant who served our Barangay for the last 6 yrs.

I'd like to dedicate this post to him as a Respect and Salute to all his first-rate hard work and for being a consummate Kagawad. 

Kuya Nog-Nog this is for you!

I don't wanna discuss the reason why he die but for sure "Justice Will Prevail!!!"

Here are some of the pictures during the funeral.

red and white rose petals were spread all over our street

me and my brother Nonoy

everyone is waiting for the Brave Man

i was surprised that there was a "musiko" at the start of the funeral parade

this made me cry :(

when he arrived, the family let The Hizonians (name of our group) carry his casket

this made me cry harder

believe it or not, there were like a thousand of people attended the parade

entering Espiritu Santo Church

we were all surprised by the Priest's personal testimonial, he said that whenever he will be going somewhere, he wanted to make sure that he will be accompanied by Kuya Nog-Nog.
a very solemn mass

parade going to North Cemetery

twas so dark when we arrived to his grave, seems like he still not ready for it

family and friends paying their last respect

You will always be in our hearts. 

To quote "you are now a citizen of HEAVEN".

May you Rest In Peace! 


On a lighter note. 

Going home was exciting as it was my first time to enter that particular st. in North Cemetery (i forgot what the street was but it was creepy).

pikpakan muna bago umuwi with La Greta, Marian R. and Izza

Bella Aldama

Ate Pach, Donna and Coi

All Star Cast

on what movie did you see this chinese churva?

and my favorite casket with a crying lady statue

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  1. Sana magka justice ang pagkamatay ni Sir Nog Nog.

    At te ang taray ng dating mo sa pics ha, serious talaga ang peg :)